Bunzl, Matti. “Of Holograms and Storage Areas: Modernity and Postmodernity at Vienna’s Jewish Museum.” Cultural Anthropology 18:4 (2003) : 435-468.
Matti Bunzl, Anthropologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, describes the two permanent exhibits at Vienna’s Jewish Museum. The first is a room of holograms, each hologram contai …
Phillips, Ruth B. “Re-placing Objects: Historical Practices for the Second Museum Age.” The Canadian Historical Review 86:1 (2005) : 83-110.
Ruth Phillips, Director of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, describes the direction toward the use of historical and cultural biographies of objects in interpretation …
Foucault, Michel. “Texts/Contexts: Of Other Spaces.” Grasping the World: The Idea of the Museum. Eds. D. Preziosi and C. Farago. Hants, England: Ashgate, 2004. 371-379.
Michel Foucault explains the concept of heterotopia: a mirror-realm of layered and interrelated truths without systematic, temporal, or spatial orders. He describes two types of heterotopias in socie …

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