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Drug Abuse is a serious problem today
As you may be aware drug abuse has become a serious problem these days. People are concerned about it as it affects the society at large. Needless to say, the negative effect can be harmful. Adults an …
Drug Abuse and its Effects
Often we hear so many cases in the news about young people getting more and more addicted to drugs and spoiling their lives. What are these drugs and how is it that people gets addicted to them so fas …
How can Drug Abuse be treated? Is there any cure?
Drug abuse can only be treated if the drug addicts willingly accept that they have a problem. Doctors are unable to help because the problem in most cases is not accepted by the drug abuser. This can …
Drug Abuse- A Social Problem
Drug abuse can be classified as a disorder that can be characterized by use of substances that can lead to physical and mental stress. People may experiment drugs for many reasons. Some try them out o …

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