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Lazy Bento’er | Week 2
This is Emma’s first full week of kindergarten, and we got a few new things from All Things For Sale, so I really love fixing her snacks and lunches. I am sure this excitement will wane over the …
Lazy Bento’er | Frequently Asked Questions
I try to answer any questions as I see them pop up on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or in my latest Lazy Bento’er posts, but I thought I’d put the questions that get asked over and over …
two years old
two pigtails | two candles Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet little Lucy!!! We had such a great day together, and I’m so glad she’s in our family. …
Lazy Bento’er | Week 1
Now that Emma is back in school, I am back to packing lunches! I call myself a Lazy Bento’er, because I basically fix a normal lunch and stick it in a bento box. I don’t do anything I woul …
First Day of Kindergarten
Okay, this was a bittersweet day for me. On the one hand, I love having Emma at home, and I really miss her when she’s gone. Her school day is from about 7:30am [when Ken leaves to take her to s …

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