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What Rent Can I Afford and How Does it Compare to When I Will Buy a Home?
The next time you are ready to rent an apartment or house, figure out beforehand approximately what rent you can afford. To get approximate that amount, we will employ some proven and reliable home pu …
Top 10 Reasons Landlords Should Require Tenants To Carry Renters Insurance
Landlords in California may require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance for the best interest of both parties. Renters insurance protects you from liability and the loss of your belongings due to t …
4 Things Your Landlords Property and Liability Insurance Will Not Cover
Your landlord most likely has property and liability insurance. This protects them from damages to the apartment, resulting from a natural disaster, fires or other accidents and criminal acts. The pol …
Renters Insurance Policy 101 for Pet Owners
Owning renters insurance coverage is important if you’re a tenant, because of the protection you receive. If someone were to bring a liability lawsuit against you, accusing you of being negligent at …
4 Common Renters Insurance Myths
Renters insurance in California is a must-have for all renters. The misconception is that many people are confused about what protection and coverage renters insurance provides. Are these 4 common myt …

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